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Practitioner by Specialty

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Coach Edwards

Author | Coach | Hypnotherapist | Speaker

Ariane Boler

Ear Candling | Foot Detox with Reflexology | Moxibustion Therapy | Herbal and Nourishment Consultations | Coaching

King Energy

Spiritual Healer | Reiki Practitioner | Meditation Specialist | Sound Therapist | Numerologist

Melissa Lewis

Business Consultant | Certified Intuitive Life & Career Coach | National Certified Counselor

Stephanie Saafir

Energy Center (Chakra) Clearing | Heartwork | Remote Energy Healing | Intuitive Energy Healing

Bahiyya Amh-Shere, LPC, CAMS II, CPCS

Certified Anger Management Specialist | Intuitive

Dr. Felicia Clark

Ionic Foot Detox | Foot Reflexologist | Energy Worker

Jared Gore

Astrologist | Numerologist | Sound Healer | Spiritual Adviser | Usui Reiki Practitioner

J. Allen Lillie

Herbalist | Iridologist | Quantum Tantra Therapy | Quantum Reiki Massage

Damaris Starr

Artist | Healer | Intuitive Guide | Clairvoyant | Clairsentience

Jerome Arrington

Author | Business Consultant | Certified NLP | Certified Life Coach | Certified Minister | Intuitive | Speaker

Dr. Kenya Edwards

Chiropractor | Massage Therapist

Monique Knight


Adara Moselle

Energy Healer | Hypnotherapist | Doctor of Bio-Field

Shontwel Wells

Herbalist | Certified Kemetic Reiki Healer | Medium/Diviner | Spiritual Healer | Transitional Life Coach

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