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CEO,  Founder, and Inspirational Leader

Melissa Lewis, MA, NCC, LAPC

Melissa Lewis is the CEO/ Founder & Certified Career & Life Path Coach, at Re-Kee Services, LLC.  Melissa carries a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, A National Counseling Certification through the NBCC. A State of Georgia, Associate Practicing Counseling License (APC) A National Certification in Life Coaching, NALCT,. A 2nd Level Certified BARS Access Consciousness Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, and a certification as an NLP Practitioner, to help assist individuals in releasing old and negative behaviors.


Melissa is excited to bring all these career skills together to advocate for women, men and adolescents experiencing family dysfunction, sexual trauma, social, emotional and behavior issues, and career and life goal direction.  

Melissa helps to provide solutions through the utilization of building therapeutic relationships, coaching, alternative healing modalities, communication, partner collaboration, education on financial literacy, parenting, budgeting, household management, and emotional wellness, and sexual health.


Melissa is a passionate visionary who uses her God-given gifts as a Teacher, Spiritual and Traditional Counselor, Advisor, Mentor and Leader in helping others achieve their personal life and career goals. She decided to become a Clinical Therapist to incorporate professional counseling with her intuitive gifts, to help identify any behavioral, emotional, sexual, traumatic, or psychological issues that may arise within a client, which could possibly be impeding on a person’s career or life path.


Melissa believes that we were all sent here with a certain life purpose and she encourages you to move forward in a positive direction to face those challenges that lie ahead in your future. Her personal motto: “Choose to Live and Enjoy Life” is one that she always follows and promotes others to adapt as well.

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