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Damaris Starr

Damaris Starr

Artist | Healer | Intuitive Guide | Clairvoyant | Clairsentience

Damaris Starr is a highly sought after: artist, healer, and intuitive guide who utilizes her natural born- innate gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), and clairsentience (sensing) to guide and assist her clients on their path to healthy and successful living.

Damaris inherited her spiritual gifts through her African and Native American ancestry. After fully accepting her birthright, in 2002, she was initiated by the way of her Spirit Guides. Through the experiences of the initiation, she obtained a full understanding of her true purpose and life's work in all realms of her life.
Removing Emotional Blockages - Blockages are created during trauma as a form of protection and is why blockages should never be referred to as "negative".

Knowing when to remove blockages come naturally. There are no secrets to removing, we all have an innate "switch" or knowingness that sparks during highlighted cycles in life.

When the spark surfaces, the mind-spirit-body yearns to reunite and live harmoniously; this is when the quest for peace begins. Some may speak out loud "I want something different". - Damaris

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