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Adara Moselle

Adara Moselle

Energy Healer | Hypnotherapist | Doctor of Bio-Field

Sara Gibson dba Adara Moselle is uniquely qualified to assist others on their path to true wellness. She works with all types of individuals ranging from adults and children to animals. For her work and selflessness, Adara Moselle is recognized as an honorary "Doctor of Bio-Field" by the LPW (leading physicians of the world) & is the owner of "Adara's Electric Touch".

Adara has been an energetic healer and masseuse for close to a decade and has created a passion which allows her to share her gifts with others.

Adara is a Master Tantric Bodyworker, Bio-field Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Teacher, Masseuse, Intuitive, Sensuality-Love & Life Coach & Natural Medicine Consultant.

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