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Shontwel Wells

Shontwel Wells

Herbalist | Certified Kemetic Reiki Healer | Medium/Diviner | Spiritual Healer | Transitional Life Coach

My name is Shontwel Wells and I am an echo of my ancestors. By becoming aligned and in tune with my spiritual manifestations of myself, I have been granted the gift of healing with my hands through the use of Kemetic/Universal Life Force Energy. I have been exercising spiritual healing in one form or another since my youth which has lead me to becoming a Certified Kemetic Reiki Practitioner.
As a certified Kemetic Reiki Healer, Medium/Diviner, I am able to assist those who have unhealed traumas from painful events and life traumas, to overcome their past and gain a newfound perspective and sense of peace in their lives.

I am currently pursuing my certification to become an Herbalist and Transitional Life Coach in order to further assist all those who I am lead to help as a Spiritual Healer.

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