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Ariane Boler

Ariane Boler

Ear Candling | Foot Detox with Reflexology | Moxibustion Therapy | Herbal and Nourishment Consultations | Coaching

Touted as the High Priestess of Compassion, The Wellness Fairy demonstrates healing as a lifestyle. Her whole holistic approach to healing is centered in synergy of mind, body, and soul. The Wellness Fairy's working knowledge and approach stems from her 21 years of personal experience with self-help and healing.

Offering the safe and non-invasive modalities of Ear Candling, Foot Detox w/ Reflexology, Moxibustion Therapy, Herbal and Nourishment Consultations with an ever open ear for a non-judgmental conversation, she is eager to assist You on the beautiful journey to You.

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