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Water Cures: Ways to heal with JUST water. Even during a pandemic.

"Water Cures" (A Haiku) Water, our solvent, dissolves all impurities that lie within us.

I once attended A. T. Walden Middle School, once located on Irwin St in the heart of Downtown Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. This was a small school with no more than 300 students during the time I attended. One of my fondest memories were of a school nurse whom no matter what you came into her office for, she’d tell you to drink some water and send you back to class. As students, we’d make jokes about this. Whether you had cramps, a stomach ache, the flu, or swollen ankles, she’d simply patch you up and tell you to drink some water. I often wondered how much money she saved the school. Yet it wasn’t until recently I discovered how right she was.

Most bodily disease can be healed by using water. It is a tonic element which means that it can stimulate the functions of every part of the body. Water can be used as a laxative (helps poop), purgative (helps throw-up), enema (colon cleanse), relaxant (relaxes nervous system), diuretic (increases urination), to reduce cold and flu symptoms, and more.

It is imperative to drink at half your weight in ounces of clean spring water each day. (example: I weigh 100lbs so I drink roughly 50oz of water daily.) This will help your body cleanse and maintain proper function.

It is a blessing to have access to clean drinking water. If you find that your water is compromised, you can filter out most metals and chemicals using any food-grade clays or activated charcoal. They are tasteless and once the settle at the bottom of the glass your water will taste cleaner and will have healthy minerals added.

It is also imperative that we utilize the tool of the Enema Bag to cleanse our colons regularly and directly. Many of us carry 15-20lbs of toxins in our colon which negatively impact our mood, energy level, and overall quality of life.

One of the simplest water treatments is the bath. A 15-30-minute bath will help remove bodily dis-eases of many kinds. Colds, flu, muscle aches, inflammations, and anxiety can be treated with a simple bath. Patients with chronic dis-eases may require monitoring by an attendant or a loved one.

Herbs, Salts, and Oils can be added to help remove toxins from the body. Click here to order an Herbal Salt Bath custom blended to suit your needs.

I have received many calls from friends with colds, flu, bronchitis, even early pneumonia, seeking refuge from the Over the Counter drugs that left them sick for weeks.

I will share with you the treatment I shared with them. This treatment removed their dis-ease in less than a week – sometimes overnight. This treatment can be used at first sign of bodily dis-ease.

This treatment is best for cold and flu-like dis-ease, coughs, inflammation, and anxiety. If you are experiencing any form of bodily dis-ease that weakens your overall independence you may require monitoring by myself, a friend, or another practitioner. Regardless, you must follow these guidelines;

Self-Healing Bath

  • Cleanse. You and the bathtub should be clean before starting the bath. If you are unable to stand for a shower, take a shallow sponge bath and allow the attendant time to clean your tub. Always be sure to rinse with cool water unless you are menstruating or if you have a condontion impacting your nervous system including pinched nerves, muscle pain, muscle cramps, and muscle spasms.

  • Atmosphere. Remove drafts from the room and maintain a room temperature of 70-80 degrees, keep low lighting, and only play soft relaxing music. Eat two hours prior to your bath and be prepared to nap or slumber in light clothing after your bath. Remember our bodies work the hardest while we sleep.

  • Regulate. Maintain a water temperature between 105 degrees and 115 degrees Fahrenheit or as hot as tolerable for the patient. Use only temperatures between 93-98 degrees Fahrenheit on children, elders, extremely feeble persons, or those with hypertension. To change water temperature slowly add water of desired temperature to avoid shock. Keep cool water close by to drink or to dampen a towel with for the neck or forehead. A bag of ice can also be placed over the heart for those with hypertension.

  • Customize. Research herbs/mixtures that will best help your ailment. Make a tonic drink from the herbs and place some of the herbs in a cheesecloth or tea ball and add to your bath. Consume your tonic beverage after your bath or two hours before the bath. Add mixtures like epsom salt or baking soda directly to running bath water.

  • Meditate. Lie in your tub and imagine your body working to remove its ailment from the inside-out. Imagine the water and herbs as a steady conductor cleansing your body. When you stand to drain your tub, imagine the dis-ease flowing down the drain. Then rinse your body to warm water then with cool water, imagine every pore on your body close to prevent any intruders.

You may follow this routine once or twice daily until you are well, but make enough tonic to last you beyond feeling well. I hope you found this helpful in some way. Please share with a friend in need for it will help save a life.


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