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Gratitude Attitude

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. The universe is listening, so be aware that everything you say can be manifested. Gratitude will take you a long way in life because there is nothing brighter than the sign of Gratitude you have waving at God (Universe). Even when things are going wrong or looking bad there is still so much to have gratitude for. Practicing giving thanks and counting the blessings over trials will help you not only clear your mind, but bring in more blessings.

When you are looking to embrace a whole new way of thinking and moving, and you know the way you have been moving is pessimistic, the first thing you should apply to your daily routine is taking moments to pray, meditate, and show gratitude to the most high. Gratitude alone will start to forge your positive manifestations forward, as well as keeping you from thinking negatively and feeling any way other than blessed and thankful. In every part of our day, there is a lesson that must be learned, every trial and tribulation comes with a lesson that will recur if it’s not learned and applied to your life. It’s one thing to learn a lesson, but it’s another to learn and apply it to your wisdom, that’s what helps make your life easier. Oftentimes, we ignore the fact that even if you are right in a situation there is still a lesson to be learned and applied.

Gratitude is the key to your happiness and others. Having and showing gratitude for not just your life and happiness, but for others, is the ultimate sign of respect and love. This is the source of a lot of dying marriages, one or both parties feeling unappreciated for all they do and feeling unseen.

Gratitude is the key across the board in every situation in a relationship. The most important and fundamental is the one you have with God (Universe) and when you show Gratitude to the Universe daily, it makes lives look so much more beautiful and abundant.

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