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Self Love Check List

when I first began getting readings the spiritual adviser would always say I should be putting more time into self-love and self-care and I would say “I do”, Then I began giving readings to myself and others and this same message would come up some type of way. Most times we think because we post pictures with captions saying we love ourselves that we are actively loving ourselves wholeheartedly, not understanding there is so much that goes into not just loving ourselves but certain things that contribute to taking away from loving yourself.

What we entertain can take us right back down the path of least loving ourselves. Entertaining toxic people, gossiping, and allowing people to talk down on you, can chip away at your own self-esteem. When you are in a space of heavily loving yourself you won’t even entertain such behaviors out of respect for yourself and your energy. Those who think highly of themselves don’t tear others down or entertain lower vibrational behavior, again out of respect for themselves. There was a time when I was my biggest critic, so I accepted people being overly critical of me, and or accepting emotionally and physically abusive people around me. Now that I’ve been intentionally setting up the energy to love myself more, and take seriously having self-care rituals and “self-love hygiene,” things you must do to keep yourself vibrating from a place of love constantly.

Self-love requires you to be in a space where you are open to looking at the best and worst parts of yourself and accept it. I tell clients all the time there is beauty in accepting a flaw and working on it with the intention to love. Most women will dislike their weight or simple things that just require some extra attention and discipline. The worst part is we will insult ourselves and beat ourselves instead of putting in that extra time and attention. Doing what’s best for yourself in every area of life is the most important part of the self-love journey. Discipline will always equal success and the small and big wins can take you so much further especially when celebrated. We celebrate daily for being the amazing being we are, and then the small and big wins so we remember who we are and that we can do anything were unstoppable. Self-care is the second part of the journey. It’s imperative you take time for yourself, for your mental and physical health. You must set boundaries with those around you and yourself to keep your energy high and most importantly keep you from feeling overused, overlooked, and unappreciated. Take time daily, weekly, and monthly to do a certain task that not only bring you joy but adds a little luxury, and wellness into your life. Example taking a day each month to get a full-body massage, or detox, because this brings you the most joy and you work on your feet, so the massage shows some gratitude to your precious body for the work it allows you to do. Once you begin setting these tasks into play daily and you wake up to upset the intention for the day to love yourself more, you realize where you lacked in it, and it sets the tone for the spiritual hygiene and rituals you take on. Self Love hygiene is the stuff you must do daily like shower, I must say my affirmations in the mirror each morning. In the shower, I must read the sign I hung up that says “Selflove”. What are some things you can do to be more intentional about loving yourself more? What’s on your self Love Hygiene list, Self-care list?

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