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Bringing Balance Back

The chaos we experience daily can leave us annoyed, stressed, and over everything and everyone. Too many days like this can have you completely out of balance and all over the place. The simple task of getting grounded is a sure way to not only get your balance back but to transmute all the negative chaotic energy to positive energy, creative energy, or whatever intention you put into the grounding process.

One may wonder “well how do I get grounded?“ The truth is, it is really simple as going outside and putting your bare feet in the grass. Here are the easy steps.

Try to pick a plush area of grass. While in the grass set your intentions to either transmute negative, stagnant, any unwanted feelings to positive. Invite creative energy, even healing energy if you're feeling sick or down and out.

Depression is a great thing to take to the grass and leave there, getting the vitamin D from the sun increases your serotonin levels, the feet in the grass connect you to Earth and that direct electric connection can be looked at like a conductor of clear and balanced energy. The earth restores the connection to mind, body, and soul, and brings you back to full balance. There are many ways beyond bare feet in the grass, you can also try laying down

( of course in a clean and safe environment).

Water is also an option submerging into a pool. Ocean and even the tub or shower. Getting into the water is a direct connection to the earth and studies say water holds emotion and energy so it's a great space not only to reconnect but to transmute and invite in clear and positive energy. Showers work just as well, especially when you don't have the time to go outside or even have access to clean-cut grass.

Getting grounded has so many benefits such as balancing your Aura and energy. With consistency, it can help with Depression, irritability as well as stress, and anxiety. Having balance keeps us on the right path and frequency. There aren't any side effects or risks to getting grounded, so it doesn't hurt to try it out.

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