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Restorative YOGA with Laura

Restorative yoga brings the body to rest with a sequence of slow movements in long poses. Laura will guide you through movements for longer holds as with Yin practice; where the body slowly yields to allow muscles and fascia tissue to relax and stretch. It is a healing practice, not just for physical recovery. It is a massage and pampering of the self. The mind slows down and allows you to connect with your body in a way that brings it comfort and peace. The type of slow stretching with the aid of props releases tension and focuses on the breath. It helps the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the rest/digest process). Additionally, restorative yoga helps combat that feeling of exhaustion that we often find ourselves in. As a result of our bodies and minds becoming softer and yielding, we have the ability to create the space to connect with our natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and ourselves.

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