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We have certified and Holistic Integrative Health Practitioners, Life Coaches, Career Consultants,  Spiritual Advisors, and Healers with over 20 + years of experience in many different holistic health modalities to help you achieve life-changing goals.

Our Practitioners & Business Specialists


Adara Moselle

Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Bio-Field

Committed to the betterment of society through full-body healing and awareness, Sara Gibson dba Adara Moselle is uniquely qualified to assist others on their path to true wellness. She works with all types of individuals ranging from adults & children to animals. For her work and selflessness, Sara Gibson dba Adara Moselle is recognized as an honorary "Doctor of Bio-Field" by the LPW (leading physicians of the world) & is the owner of "Adara's Electric Touch".


Adara has been an energetic healer and masseuse for close to a decade, while exploring the lengths of personal healing, bliss, achievement and balance, this has created a passion which allows her to share her gifts with others.

Adara is a Master Tantric Bodyworker and Bio-field Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Teacher, Masseuse, Intuitive, Sensuality-Love & Life Coach & Natural Medicine Consultant.

Adara Moselle

Sheri Lillie, MSW

Reiki Master, Intuitive

While her innate abilities have been formally channeled through teaching, community enhancement and providing psychotherapy, Sheri has served as an Intuitive Healer in California since 2014.  In light of her benevolent history, her style of energy healing incorporates crystal work,  intuitive channeling and therapeutic interventions.    

As a Reiki Master and Social Worker,  Sheri has seen the results of integrating spiritual practice with therapeutic insight to assist others with gaining access to their inner-peace and growth potential. Restoring the mind, body and spirit has been essential to her values since childhood. Sheri's goal is to not only embrace her clients  through their growth process, but to inspire them to become the facilitators of their own healing journeys.  Whether servicing you in your home or her refuge, she provides a safe space for purging, processing and awakening.  Sheri welcomes you into her healing family with open arms and looks forward to building with you soon!  

Sheri Lillie

Obafina Akinade

Ifa Priest (Babalawo) Spiritual Adviser, & Chakra Healer

Practitioner Obafina Akinade is a gifted spiritual advisor & healer, dream interpreter, hand analyst, and a master in balancing and aligning the Chakras. He knows how to tame the energies that boost anger, frustration and anxiety, using his intuitive gifts, the flute and music therapy. 

He also allows clients to draw their own tarot card through symbolization and visualization, to get to the core of their feelings and emotions. Akinade says, you are drawing the picture of your life with this Therapy. “A picture says a thousand words”. So based on your drawing, let Akinade determine what feelings and emotions you are going through, so that self-awareness can be brought to the forefront and healing can be achieved.

Obafina Akinade

Bahiyya Amh-Shere, LPC, CAMS II, CPCS

Certified Anger Management Specialist

Ms. Amh-Shere holds a master’s degree in Community Counseling from Argosy University and a master’s degree in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution from California State University at Dominguez Hills. Ms. Amh-Shere has worked for more than 12 years with adults, children, adolescents, and their families in the areas of school, community, the federal government, justice systems, community mental health, and adolescent psychiatric residential treatment. 


Ms. Amh-Shere (affectionately known as “Ms. B”) is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, a National Certified Counselor, a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a practice focusing on a holistic approach to well-being utilizing evidenced-based modalities including cognitive restructuring, Dialectal Behavior Therapy, Shame  Shields, and creating a safe environment for healing and re-parenting of the Inner Child.  Ms. Amh-Shere also has developed an effective model for supporting our servicewomen and men who are challenged by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Moral Injury.

Jerome the Professional.jpeg

Mr. Jerome Arrington

Business Consultant | Certified Manifestation Life Coach

Ordained Minister | Intuitive

Jerome A. M. Arrington's professional career spans 30 years of directing, managing, supporting, and training resources and clients. His business acumen has proven valuable to clients of all professional backgrounds and business sizes.


Jerome’s spiritual journey and spiritual education began at an early age but solidified in a meaningful way after the death of his beloved mother in 2014. Since then, God's Angels and spiritual guides (including his mother) have helped him find grace, compassion, and clear intuitive foresight. He has traveled across the U.S. and around the world to European, Middle Eastern, and African countries. Jerome is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and Certified Manifestation Life Coach.

Your future awaits with prosperity, abundance, and fulfillment.

Jerome Arrington


Feeling your Chi

Mr. Brown, is a certified Breathwork, Reiki, BARs, Tantra, Prana, Mystic Practitioner. He has been working with energy chi/prana movement for 8 years and more. Educated in various practices from very unique ancient modalities for activating chi, chakras, and tantra to heal the body and mind within. He has proven to assist people that are facing life challenges and use various modalities to help clients through their transgression.


Eboni Broussard, MA, LAPC, NCC, CAMC

              Nationally Certified Anger Management Counselor (CAMC)

Ms. Eboni is a nationally certified counselor and nationally certified anger management counselor that has been uplifting and transforming lives in and around the Atlanta and nationwide.  She has a passion for helping individuals heal from overwhelming emotions, finding their purpose, connecting to their spirituality, strengths, and abilities to reach their true potential.  

Her ability to assist others with decreasing overwhelming emotions, move toward self-acknowledgment and compassion for self and others, has provided strengthened relationships and created healthy family bonds.  Through anger management counseling, Ms. Eboni teaches individual and group members the understanding of anger, how to work through their anger and emotional intelligence skills that will assist with daily encounters as well as strengthen self-esteem.  Ms. Eboni works with all age’s, children, teens and adults.  She practices using a Cognitive Behavioral approach, Dialectical Behavioral Techniques and Mindfulness Techniques. 

Eboni Broussard

Dr. Felicia Clark

Ionic Foot Detox, Foot Reflexologist, Energy Worker

Dr. Felicia Clark, Goddess Aurora, is offering ionic foot baths to remove toxins through your feet and/or a foot massage. Goddess Aurora's introduction to foot reflexology started at a young age when her grandmother introduced the foot reflexology map while emphasizing the importance of taking care of feet, "We grew up in a foot massaging family," says Goddess Aurora and it was common place to give and receive foot massages.


Dr. Felicia Clark is a tantra practitioner who studied with Master Yao Morris, founder of Grand Trine, and commonly gives interviews on how a woman develops a positive relationship with her body. Learn more at

Felecia Clark


Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Sound Practitioner

Coco has exhibited initiative abilities since she was a child by receiving messages from her guides through her dreams.


Currently, she uses Tarot to connect to her spirit guides, ancestors, and angels. She helps her clients discover insight into their life path.


Coco is here to uplift, inspire, and clarify with compassion, humor, and wisdom.

She gives guidance in love, career, family, and finances.


Coco is also a Reiki practitioner, Sound Practitioner, Shaman, and Ordained Minister.


Dr. Richard H. Davis

Naturopath, ND

I am a practitioner of Holistic and Natural Healing with 30 years of experience. As a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, I specialize in using non-invasive techniques by using the body's own natural defenses. My primary focus includes Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity and other health concerns.


For patients who want to lose weight using a holistic system I am now offering a special slim patch to lose weight without starving  


I am also offering a special holistic pain patch to patient who are in constant pain 

Richard Davis

Timothy “Chocolate Thunda” Gibson

Heart-Centered Healer & Energy Manager

Timothy Is a  heart centered healer who has been transforming lives in the greater Atlanta communities for over a decade. Timothy was certified through the Grand Trine system while co-practicing as a “Water Path" practitioner. 


Tim is dedicated to assisting his clients with obtaining joy, pleasure and abundance through developing their spiritual gifts, spiritual practice and energetic management. His process focuses on the heart, while reprogramming subconscious thought patterns that impede our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Timothy offers an array of services, providing a custom healing process for all stages of your journey; fostering a non-judgmental light-hearted environment where you can fully relax and enjoy becoming your highest self.

Timothy Gibson

“The JOSH Effect”

Massage “Touch” Therapy & Pranic Healer

Organic Touch by Josh is an unique experience that has been perfected over the last 20 years. 


Organic touch by Josh was created with the woman in mind. Josh’s extraordinary approach in massaging the body has been known to help with migraines, stress reduction, back pain, sciatica, muscle pain, increase circulation and awaken bodily sensory energy Josh’s outstanding ability to organically listen what the body Says and his hands give the body what it needs. He believes that every woman deserves “that special touch”.

Josh Petlier

J. Allen Lillie

Herbalist, Iridologist, Quantum Tantra Therapist, Quantum Touch, RA Sekhi Kemetic Reiki, and Wommen's Wellness Counselor

Greetings, I am Jeffrey. In the Teutonic language, Jeffrey means "God's Peace." I am God's Peace on Earth. I am the Light of the Sun shining bright, bringing you Peace of Mind, Peace of Body, and Peace of Spirit. 


J. Allen Lillie is a Proud Father, a Women's Wellness Counselor, a Quantum Tantra Therapist, a Serial Entrepreneur, and is certified in the Grand Trine Tantric Life System,  Quantum Touch, Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki, Iridology, and Herbology. J. Allen is trained in Wholistic Massage, I2 Tantra, Wholistic Nutrition, Zenity Fitness, the Kajukenbo Hawaiian Style Martial Arts System, and has studied Quantum Hypnosis, The Emotion Codes, Nitvana Bodywork, The Energy Codes, and the Somananda Tantric System.

J Allen Lillie

Stephanie Saafir

Energy Center (Chakra) Clearing | Heartwork | Remote Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

I am Stephanie Saafir, a powerful and effective energy healer who gets results. I bring to my Energy Healing Sessions passion for healing, an innate gift and ability to facilitate healing that I have honed in this life time through being trained as a Tantra Energy Healer, and Heart Work Specialist and many past lifetimes where I mastered the healing arts. It is my pleasure to help foster your healing journey.

Stephanie Saafir
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